NRMC Administrative Team

The administrative staff at NRMC is responsible for planning the framework for delivering health care that exceeds customer expectations. The administration is also responsible for assessing the needs of the customer and community to develop the services and programs to meet those needs.
NRMC's administrative staff is directed by the NRMC Board of Directors

The administrative team includes:

Wes Braman
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Cory Vokoun, Chief Nursing Officer of NRMC
Cory Vokoun
Chief Nursing Officer

Holly Bush, Administrative Officer, Director, Quality Compliance of NRMC
Holly Bush
Chief Quality Officer

Heather Brockmeyer, Administrative Officer in Human Resources at NRMC
Heather Brockmeyer
Administrative Officer

Human Resources

Steve Branstetter

Administrative Officer
Long Term Care
Gary Headrick, Director of Ancillary Services at NRMC
Gary Headrick

Ancillary Services
Doug Hundley, Director of Plant Operations/Maintenance at NRMC
Doug Hundley

Integrated Services
Judith Herstein, Director of Community Relations/Foundation at NRMC
Judith Herstein

Community Relations/Foundation

Marci Hardin
Information Technology

NRMC’s administrative office operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with the exception of major holiday observances.  Each of the departments and services within NRMC reports to the administrative team.  

For more information on the NRMC administration, call (417) 667-3355.