Outpatient surgery

Every day, physicians at Nevada Regional Medical Center perform laparoscopic, arthroscopic and gastrointestinal surgeries – all sophisticated procedures done on an outpatient basis, meaning patients are able to go home the same day.  Some estimates indicate that over 60 percent of surgeries can be done on an outpatient basis.

It is important to remember that complications can arise in even the simplest surgical procedure.  The most common complications in outpatient surgery are bleeding (sometimes requiring a transfusion), respiratory problems, injury to surrounding tissue, and infection.  Another important consideration is your overall health.  If you have an underlying health problem, such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, you are at a higher risk for these and other surgery related complications.

Our patients can rest assured that the NRMC surgical suites, technology and facilities partner with the technique of our surgeons and the skill and compassion of our nurses to provide you with the best possible outcome for both outpatient and inpatient surgeries. Immediate access to additional specialists and the vast resources of the entire hospital make surgery at NRMC safer.