Surgical Services

At Nevada Regional Medical Center our staff takes pride in giving you the best healthcare
available.  From pre-admission to recovery, our team is there to help you. 
We want to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Our team consists of highly skilled and board-certified surgeons; nurses who provide a
gentle, caring touch; and assistants ready to help you. 

We work closely with doctors’ offices and patients to ensure quality care while helping
 patients prepare for what will happen during surgery and then with recovery.

You will see a preadmission nurse, who will answer any questions you have about the
 process and treatment.  The nurse will ask about:
                1) Your medical and surgical history
                2) Complete any preoperative tests that are necessary
                3) Provide you with information about the admission and discharge processes, and start your record.

If you have any questions please call (417) 448-1115 and we will be happy to assist you.

For current prices on most common surgical procedures at NRMC click here