2101 N. Ash Street | Nevada, MO 64772


About 1 in 10 adults over age 60 are abused, neglected, or financially exploited. Find out what signs of abuse to watch out for on the National Institute on Aging website - Click Here.

Barone is the only facility in the area devoted to caring for people with Alzheimer's and related dementia.

The staff of Barone Alzheimer's Care Center is proud of the special love, care, and support that surrounds our residents. Staff members are carefully chosen for personal qualities such as patience and compassion.

Staff are trained to respond to the person behind the illness, not the symptoms of the illness itself.

We believe the loss of skills can be slowed down and independence can be maximized by consistently meeting basic human needs; maintaining good health; ensuring a safe, peaceful, accepting environment; and offering a variety of opportunities for exercise, socialization, and activities.

Specialty Services:

  • 24 hour licensed professional care and oversight for people with Alzheimer's Disease 
  • Assistance for daily care
  • Routine structure 
  • Freedom to safely wander 
  • Activities, exercise, and life-stimulating involvement
  • Regular medical/ nursing assessment of condition with intervention 
  • Care tailored to meet individual and family preference
  • Full range of services to manage all stages of Alzheimer's disease and any other illnesses or problems associated with aging 

Melissa Cornell, Administrator