Living Well with Diabetes


Although it can be challenging on your own, staying healthy when you have diabetes is possible with a little help from a certified Diabetes Education program.

Diabetes Education is the key to understanding how easy diabetes management can be, keeping you on track and feeling great.

Keep reading to learn more and begin living well with diabetes!

Our Program

The NRMC Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Entrance into the program starts with a physician referral. Depending on your doctor’s order, you may be referred to one-on-one education or in a group setting.

Using standards set by the AADE, Certified Diabetes Educator, Carla Reed, FNP-BC, helps program participants learn how to control blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol in a way that’s easy to understand and follow through.

Your first appointment will be a one-on-one visit with the Diabetes Educator to discuss your disease and related challenges. Together you will form an individualized plan for wellness.

Throughout the course of the program, you will learn simple steps for keeping the main factors of your disease (A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol) in check.

Areas of focus include eating healthy, being active, monitoring health numbers, medication, solving problems as they arise, risk reduction and healthy coping habits.


How long does the program last?

While your length of participation may vary depending on insurance, the entire program is one month. Each week the Diabetes Educator will host a meeting to go over a different module of the program.

If your participation is limited to one or two weeks, you will have the opportunity to review the modules and decide which meeting(s) you will attend.


If you think you may benefit from Diabetes Education, ask your doctor for a referral to the program at Nevada Regional Medical Center.

For insurance purposes, a referral is required for covered participation in a diabetes education program.

Program Director, Carla Reed, FNP-BC, CDE
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