New Beginnings Behavioral Health

At New Beginnings, we recognize that emotional health is essential to well-being.
At any stage of life, mental health problems can be devastating if left untreated.


Psychiatrist, David Taylor, M.D. cares for individual needs in the following ways:

                             NRMC Mental Health Outpatient Clinic
                                    Meets out-patient psychiatric needs at any age, including children   

                             New Beginnings Behavioral Health Inpatient Programs
                                    Adult Program meets the needs of inpatient care for adults 18-64
                                    Senior Program meets the needs of inpatient care for Seniors 65+ 

To make an appointment or get more information please call:

NRMC Mental Health Outpatient Clinic            New Beginnings Inpatient Services
   ( 417) 448-3690                                                       ( 417) 448-3677