Nevada Regional Medical Center Endowment Fund

What is the NRMC Endowment Fund?

A separate investment fund of the Foundation of which the corpus is never spent - meaning all donations into the fund are only used to grow the fund and will stay there forever. The fund is invested and until the balance reaches $500,000 any interest or dividends earned will be added back to the fund. After the fund reaches the required minimum of $500,000, interest and dividends (up to 4% of the corpus) may be dispersed by the Foundation to support the programs and services of Nevada Regional Medical Center.
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Endowment Fund Progress Updated September 14, 2020.

How can I give a donation to the NRMC Endowment Fund?

All of the options covered in accepted gifts, no matter what size, may be designated by the donor to go into the Endowment Fund. Additionally, the following giving opportunities are specifically designated to grow the NRMC Endowment Fund: