Emergency Response Fund

The Emergency Response Fund was established to support Nevada Regional Medical Center's immediate response to devastating events like the global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. NRMC is closely monitoring COVID-19 and taking active steps to prepare and respond to the developing situation. 

We are asking individuals to consider making a financial contribution. Your donation will support comprehensive emergency care and the purchase of needed supplies or medical equipment; technology, as well as staff support and other identified areas of greatest need.

Staff Support.

Contributions are an incredibly helpful way members of our community not only can keep staff safe while they care for patients, but also lend personal support by providing meals and assistance with childcare.

Supplies and medical equipment.

Your gift will support the purchase of hospital supplies, protective gear for clinical staff and medical equipment utilized in emergent situations.


Technology to enable access for patients, families, clinicians and team members to maintain uninterrupted communications while observing stay-at-home orders and social distancing. This includes telehealth resources to provide continuity for patients and families who are currently unable to visit facilities.