Diabetic Wound care

The Wound Care Clinic at Nevada Regional Medical Center provides comprehensive care and treatment for all types of non-healing wounds. The majority of chronic wounds are the result of diabetes, immobilization and circulatory problems. The remaining wounds usually result from traumatic injury, non-healing surgical incisions or from a weakened or stressed body’s inability to heal itself.

The staff of the Wound Care Clinic works closely with referring physicians, but we do not assume primary care responsibilities for the patient. We assess and treat wounds while providing full and comprehensive reports on the patient’s progress.

Types of wounds:

  • Vascular ulcers

  • Diabetic ulcers

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Wounds that haven’t begun to heal in 2 to 4 weeks

  • Signs of infection such as erythema, swelling, pain, fever

  • Wounds that show a change in color or odor

  • Traumatic wounds

We accept both physician and self-referrals. For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, please call (417) 448-2121.