Series Medications/Chemotherapy in Ambulatory Care Unit

What is a series patient?

  • A patient whose doctor has prescribed serial therapeutic medications to be administered by specially trained Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) nurses.

First visit patient can expect:

  • Physical exam and questionnaire. Complete set of vital signs.

  • Patient will need to provide complete lists of current medications

  • Name, dose, how taken, Last dose taken, date and time taken

  • Laboratory studies will be performed and fax’d to ordering physician and/or pharmacy.

  • IV may need to be started for the medications to be administered

  • Medications may be ordered to be given as many times a day as doctor recommends.

Administering of therapeutic medications:

  • You should arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled dose.After you complete your admission you will report to the ACU unit, vital signs will be taken and medication dose will be started.

  • After each medication dose is administered your IV will be flushed and the site covered to protect.

  • The ACU staff will changes dressings as needed at time of visit.

  • You may bring food, drinks, books, and laptops, with you to help pass the time

  • You may bring one visitor with you that is fifteen years of age or older.

  • TV’s with remotes and warm blankets will be provided.

What is not provided?

  • Series patients will not be seen by a physician during series medication visits.If you need to see a doctor you will need to check into ED before or after your scheduled dose.

  • The ACU nursing staff is only allowed to administer the series medication that is ordered.