Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling and training for individuals with diabetes is available from the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) at Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC).

Medical nutrition therapy will include:

  • goals of diet therapy

  • normoglycemia and weight loss

  • principles of carbohydrate counting

  • dietary carbohydrate goals

  • meals number and spacing

  • portion control

  • label reading

  • dietary management of blood sugar

The RDN will also provide training for diabetes self-management when needed.  This includes:

  • diabetes diagnosis

  • risk factors

  • symptoms

  • insulin resistance

  • requirements for physical activity

  • using the glucometer

  • target values and testing regimens

  • medication, timing and effects

It is very easy to make an appointment.  Call NRMC Central Scheduling at (417) 448-2468.  (This is the same department for making any NRMC outpatient appointment.)  The dietitian takes outpatient appointments on Wednesdays, and appointments last one hour. 

When an appointment is made, your client will receive a questionnaire about eating habits to help the RDN when client arrives.  The RDN can make the most of this counseling session when you send pertinent information about your patient, lab work and recent weights, for example. 

In the fall, the dietitian and another trained facilitator offer a diabetes self-management class.  This class is free to anyone with diabetes or who helps care for someone with diabetes.  The full range of diabetes management is provided in two hour classes for six weeks.  It is limited to 10 participants per class.  The meeting time is usually 1-3:30 at the Moore Few Care Center Community Room.  This class will be advertised when planned, however, you may call 448-3841 for more information and registration.