NRMC, Compass Health Provide Marketplace Enrollment Support


As the December 15 deadline for enrollment into Health Insurance Marketplace approaches, Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) and Compass Health Network (CHN) are working together to ensure families and individuals take advantage of free services that can help them attain affordable health insurance in 2019.

The two organizations recently hosted a Marketplace Enrollment Open House at NRMC on December 1. At the event, attendees were provided free, in-person enrollment assistance by CHN specialists. Seventeen individuals attended the event and of those, 12 enrolled for affordable health insurance that will take effect January 1. Although the event is over, free enrollment assistance is still available to anyone interested.

“And if you’ve already enrolled, there may be new options for you,” said Donna Ipock, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at CHN. “Don’t forget to log on, or call us to update your financial and family information, and make sure your plan is still the best one for you.”

One of the main goals of the Affordable Care Act is to help people, including those who may have previously struggled to pay for coverage, afford a plan that fits their needs and budget. There are now low-cost health coverage options available and financial help is available to lower consumer’s premiums. This help is applied on a monthly basis after enrollment in a plan, lowering out of pocket costs and making coverage even more affordable. In fact, 83% of consumers receive financial assistance, meaning 8 in 10 consumers can find a plan for less than $100 per month after their financial assistance is applied.

“For example, a family may have selected a plan that was going to cost $287 per month,” said Ipock. “But after their financial help, their premium was lowered to $41 per month.

“Now some people may think they can’t afford the monthly insurance payment, but even a minor injury can cost thousands of dollars. Medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. So really, health insurance not only helps you stay healthy but also ensures that you won’t be saddled with medical bills in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.”

Every year, the plans available through the Marketplace may change, or there may be new options available. People who have already enrolled need to update their information and renew their coverage. It’s also important to take a look at how financial help and plan choices such as doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, and plan prices may have changed.

Free, in-person enrollment help from local specialists ensure that families and individuals find the plan best for them. To set up an appointment, call NRMC financial assistance at 417-667-3355 or Donna Ipock at 417-296-2156. 

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